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it's not complicated, so we don't make it so

why exactly do so many people find it difficult to grasp the concept of cyber security?  we think it's because technology is moving too quickly to keep up with, that we all just bury our heads in the sand with it.  that may be true, but truth be told, it's not really that difficult to catch up with and actually make yourself secure.  looking at daily life, you lock your door when you leave, yeah?  how about we lock down our digital accounts when we leave them?

open source guardian was created to give everyone a chance to understand the ins and outs of the cyberverse (cyber universe if that wasn't clear).  we'll be doing the heavy lifting by understanding all the aspects of cyber security and translate it into things much more understandable.  because let's face it, anyone who has ever spoken to an IT guy tends to drift off because we don't understand, or even care, about what they are telling us.  that's not to say it's not interesting or important - we just care about the end result.  we don't necessarily give too much thought to how things work under the hood.

so do us a favour and check out some of our advice.  maybe you already know some of it, or maybe you just might learn something useful.  either way, we're delighted that you stopped by.

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