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it's not complicated, so we don't make it so

cyber security isn't difficult to understand.  really, it's all about taking control of your online world - something most people still fail at.  how many sites and accounts is your email registered with? do you use the same password to access them?  do you know how much data of yours is floating around cyber space?

we train individuals to be better.  we'll never say your 100% safe - this is true for life, not just your digital life.  but what we can do is prepare you to be that extra 1/10/20/50/90% safer, because even 1% safer puts you in a category most cyber criminals won't bother with.  they want the max reward for the minimal effort, so if you make it tough for them, they'll move on.  click below to find out more about us.

cyber security goes beyond business, and aims directly at the personal.  You'll see on the news that major companies have been hacked, or held ransom for ridiculous amounts of cash.  how do you think it happened?  cyber criminals aim for the weakest link - most commonly, an employee.  we look to give each individual better knowledge and awareness of potential risks in order to prevent things going wrong.  we don't claim to be a silver bullet, and nor should we, but we do claim to offer advice in a practical and simple way.  

anyone can  prevent 

a cyber attack.  all it takes

is  a little knowledge 

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cyber mondays

why did we call it 'cyber mondays'? because we release a very quick piece of cyber security advice on mondays.  it really is that simple.  also we thought it would be fun to play on the already popular term near thanksgiving!

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